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Stourport-on-Severn Pistol & Rifle Club

A Home Office Approved, Community Amateur Sports Club
Shooting times

Club days are Wednesday from 0900 and Sunday from 0930

Closing times will depend on Range Officer availability

About Stourport-on-Severn Pistol and Rifle Club

The Range

We boast one of the very few civilian 100 yard Outdoor Ranges with 40 Covered Firing Points. Wheelchair Access plus full toilet facilities for Ladies and Gentlemen which is accessible for disabled visitors.

Small Bore Pistol Calibres and downloaded Full Bore Rifle shooting for Par Excellence In U.K. Target Sports Shooting.

We have 3 ranges at the Club.

Our ‘A’ Range has 33 firing points and ‘B’ Range has 6.

The two ranges can be operated separately or together as required allowing competitions and other events to take place alongside normal club shooting practice. Target distances are 20 yds., 25m., 50m. and 100 yds.

In addition we have ‘C’ Range, which is a 75 metre area that also has a section of woodland. This area has a 20 lane Field Target course, as well as space for Action Air, Airsoft CQB and Archery.

Our Range Certificate has limits of 2150ft/sec. on muzzle velocity and 1496ft/lb on muzzle energy applied to all smokeless powder ammunition up to .45” calibre.

The certificate also permits the use of black powder ammunition up to .75” calibre.

Club affiliations allow members to take part in a wide variety of competitions for different shooting disciplines.

Some are local or regional, others are at national or international levels.

If you want to join one of our teams or make your own individual entry you will be made most welcome and we will be sure to find a place for you.

Home Office approved

Stourport-on-Severn Pistol & Rifle Club is a Home Office Approved, Community Amateur Sports Club affiliated to:
1. National Rifle Association: The National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom (NRA) is the governing body of full bore rifle and pistol shooting sports in the United Kingdom. 

2. National Smallbore Rifle Association: The NSRA is the national governing body for all Small-bore Rifle and Pistol Target Shooting in the United Kingdom, including Airgun and Match Crossbow Shooting. 

3. Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain: The MLAGB was formed in 1952 and is the Governing Body for muzzle loading within the UK. Its objectives are to encourage an interest in muzzle loading firearms, to promote, regulate and safeguard their use and to preserve their freedom of collection.

4. Historic Arms Resource Centre 

5. United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association UKPSA.

No firearms or ammunition are kept on site or anywhere else on the premises.




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