About us

Our History

The Club began in 1963 as a pistol shooting club with just twelve members and a lease for five years in Bonemill Quarry, Stourport-on-Severn.

In those early days Club members fired from benches set out in the open and were subject to all sorts of weather, with the range floor often flooded.

Over 50 years later we are still in the same quarry – though it has moved on a great deal since 1963!

Membership has grown to over 200 and we have a lease lasting for the next 100 years. We have also added C Range, which means that we now have all of the area from the main road down to the Canal and can offer additional shooting disciplines such as Field Target shooting and Action Air.

The Club has a record of hosting National, Regional and Club competitions in many shooting disciplines, and a full annual programme of events to enjoy, all provided by volunteer club members. See our Calendar of Events for current information.

Club members have taken part in National and International events, including the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

The Range no longer floods thanks to an excellent drainage system installed by members, and our shooting is done from the relative comfort of a covered firing point shelter.

We have a newly refurbished club room – “Our Shed” and good storage for a wide variety of target stands including timed, turning targets, steel plates, knock down airgun targets and barricades for practical shooting as well as the more usual paper “bullseye” targets.

Shooting at the range

Our main shooting days are: Wednesdays from 0900 and Sundays from 0930. Shooting will continue subject to the availability of a non-shooting Range Officer.

The range can be opened at any time (0900 until dusk) on other days subject to the presence of at least 2 adult full members, one of whom must be a NON-SHOOTING approved Range Officer.

The range is closed on Christmas Day.

Members can use small bore rifles, full bore rifles, gallery rifles, muzzle loading pistols and rifles, long barrelled pistols, shotguns, miniature cannon, air soft and other air rifles, or air pistols.

We also now have Club Bows and Arrows for anyone who wants to try their hand at Archery. We have 2 Adult and 2 Junior Bows. 

Archery  sessions are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month on A Range, from 1200 to 1500 hrs. 

If you wish to participate, please contact Chris Gray at –chairman.sosprc@gmail.com  

Family members are welcome to join. Children must be accompanied by an adult and be at least 10 years old.

Becoming a member

Conditions and Fees for Membership

Members must be of good character without criminal record or a medical history which would make them unsafe to use firearms. All members, including Probationary Members, are required to sign a Section 21 declaration to state that they are not prohibiited in any way from handling firearms, or are prevented from having or applying for a Firearms Certificate.

Members must be a minimum of 10 years of age, as long as you can safely shoot.

Members aged 10-13 may only use air guns, those aged 14 or more may use firearms.

All members under the age of 18 must be accompanied when at the Range at all times by a non shooting adult, who should be a parent or guardian. This is in addition to any supervisor/mentor for Probationary Members.

Children aged less than 10 are not allowed on the range.

New members must serve a minimum of 6 months’ probationary membership with at least 9 firearms shooting visits and complete our range safety course before gaining full membership, all subject to Committee and Police approval.

Costs of Joining:

There is a £40 admin fee on joining.

Annual Subscriptions:

Adult Member (over 21) – £200 per year

Member 18 – 20 Years old – £110

Member 10 – 17 Years old – £60

Those joining part way through the year pay a pro rata subscription based on the months remaining.

Visitors and Guests

Visitors who want to try the sport of target shooting must be proposed and supervised by a Club member known to them.

If you do not know a Club member, please contact the Club Secretary for advice.

Guest Fee is £10 adult, £5 under 21years.

Guests must be supervised at all times on a 1:1 basis by a FULL adult member.

Visitors and Guests must be of good character, without criminal record and sign a Section 21 declaration.

Range Improvements

New Club House

The Shed has been completed allowing us to have a secured Club House that is comfortable with seats, electricity and running water.

Flushing toilets

We now have two flush toilets with disabled access for members.

C Range

New covered area with storage and parking for C Range.